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Almost all of the up and coming working musicians I know are utilizing loops- it’s no longer a fad or novelty. Loops can be used in conjunction with other musicians and can make a 2 or…Read more

(I’m pretty sure the guy in this pic is Dave Matthews’ younger brother) The way my gear has evolved over time stems from a philosophy of guerilla gigging. I try to be as simple in my…Read more

Although short looping lends itself well to the club environment, long looping can be used to become a second guitarist or backing track.  I prefer this in relaxed environments where people are casually listening (or not)…Read more

When I first started looping on the RC-20 I was limited to only one loop. With the upgrade to the RC-50 and three controllable loops, so much more became possible. I and most others I’ve seen…Read more

The two most commonly used loop pedals are in the Digitech JamMan and Boss RC series. Other companies are catching on to the looping craze- but Digitech and Boss are setting the standards for professionals. The…Read more

Virtually any instrument works for looping and there are some incredible musicians out there using only their voice to create full arrangements. One of my favorites is Dub FX from Australia. There seems to be no…Read more

A YouTube search of live looping yields seemingly endless examples of talented loopers all over the world performing in bedrooms, streets and stages. Thanks to digital technology, looping is becoming almost as ubiquitous as the acoustic…Read more